Zero Waste Office Solutions

Reduce Waste at Your Workplace

We believe we all share a responsibility to be good stewards of our planet. To that end, we created the Zero Waste Office program to help businesses make a difference and create a greener future.

GoJava works with offices of all sizes to help reduce the amount of waste they send to Landfill. We work towards a goal of Zero Waste (maximum diversion of waste from Landfill towards Compost and Recycling).

Our Zero Waste Office solutions are specialty recycling services that allow offices to recycle materials that would otherwise end up in Landfill.

The service includes weekly or monthly pick ups of materials.


  • recycle as much as possible
  • reduce Green House Gas emissions by diverting organics from Landfill
    - Organic materials create methane gas in a Landfill which is a very big contributor to global warming!
  • strengthen your Brand by bolstering your company’s sustainability program

Our Zero Waste Office solutions are impactful and highly visible. They will enable your organization to demonstrate its commitment to the environment in a visible and affordable way. 

We customize the solution for your office to maximize your impact and save you money! 


Want to divert more waste from landfill and help save the planet? Like some more information and pricing? Fill out the form below and we will be in touch in no time! 



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