Ottawa Office Snack Delivery

Healthy snacks are all the rage.

Offices across Ottawa now provide healthy snacks throughout the day - and, GoJava helps them do that!

Providing healthy snacks in your office will:

  • Boost morale
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase employee time in the office
  • Serve as a recruitment incentive for new hires


Choose from 3 office snack service options:

1. Order as Needed

  • Order your snacks as needed from our web store
  • We deliver to offices in Ottawa and Kanata

2. Snack Box Subscription

  • Sign up for a regular snack box delivery
  • Each snack box is curated by us with a changing mix of healthy and exciting snacks

3. Managed Office Snack Service

  • We help you set a budget and determine the snacks and then we manage and maintain the program for you

             Ottawa Office Snack Delivery

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