How It Works: Recycling Your Coffee Pods

How it Works: Recycling Your Coffee Pods

Delivery Details: 

Spend $40 or more and your delivery is FREE!

Orders placed before Midnight (12:00am), will be delivered the next business day.

Below you can see a map with a black outline of our delivery area in Ottawa. If you live outside of this zone, unfortunately we are not able to offer next day delivery or a recycling service at this time. 

GoJava Ottawa Delivery Area Map

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q:   How is it that you're able to recycle Keurig and Tassimo coffee pods when the city does not accept them in the recycling program? 

A:   The municipal system is not able to recycle these pods because their system cannot effectively sort the coffee pods from the other components of the recycling stream and because they are not able to separate the coffee inside the pods from the plastic. We are able to offer you a recycling solution for these products because we ourselves collect, sort and aggregate the used pods. Once we have a pallet of used pods, we partner with TerraCycle Canada to transport it to a special processor who is able to grind down the pods and separate them into their components (e.g. coffee and plastic). The coffee is then used for compost, while the plastic is made into plastic lumber and used in applications such as flooring, park benches and playgrounds! We pay a fee for each pallet to make sure that the products are properly recycled. 


Q:   What will happen if I just throw my used coffee pods into my blue municipal recycling bin?

A:   Unfortunately, they will end up in a landfill. And they will stay there for a long, long time. 


Q:   Do you provide service to offices? 

A:   Of Course! If you would like us to deliver and recycle at your office, you can either give us a call, or just go ahead and order what you need online. If you are a larger office we also provide custom pricing and equipment when necessary, so please give us a call!


Q:   Can I purchase my coffee pods elsewhere and recycle them through GoJava?

A:   The coffee pods we pick up for recycling should be ordered from GoJava. There is a cost for us to recycle the coffee pods so we kindly ask that you order your coffee pods from us. 

If you are in an office, we can provide the recycling pick up service (without the purchase of the coffee pods), for a monthly charge.


Q:   I have been collecting my used coffee pods but I have not yet placed an order with GoJava. What should I do with the used coffee pods I have been collecting?

A:   If you have been collecting used coffee pods prior to your first delivery, you can leave us a small amount to pick up during your first delivery. For example, 1 standard garbage bag. Please label the bag so our driver knows to pick it up. 


Q:   What if I forget to put out my used coffee pods on my delivery day?

A:   Please try not to forget 
If you do forget to leave your used coffee pods out for us, please hold on to them until your next delivery.


Q:   Do you service condo buildings? How does the delivery and pick up service work for condos?

A:   Yes we do! When you place your first order, please submit a note during checkout that lets us know if we should deliver and pick up through your concierge or if we should deliver and pick up outside your suite door. If there is no concierge, please provide a buzz code so we can access the building. 

If there is a concierge in your building, please communicate to them if you plan to have the deliveries and pick ups flow through them or if you want us going upstairs to your suite. 

If we arrive for a delivery and we do not have access to your building, for example, there is no concierge at the front desk and we do not have a buzz code, we will communicate when we can come back to perform the delivery.




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