How It Works

Easy peasy!

Just pick out the items you like and complete your order. Your coffee, snacks, and other "shippable" items will be sent to you by courier within 2-5 business days. And "non shippable" items such as dairy, beverages, and fruit will be picked up locally and delivered to you by our on-the-ground team within 2 business days.




Q: Will there be a delivery charge or shipping fee on my order?

A: There is a $4.99 delivery charge for orders over $75. If your order is under $75, there is a $9.99 delivery charge. There is no extra shipping charge for items that are shipped.


Q: Who do I contact if I have a question, equipment issue, billing issue, etc.?

A:  For Customer Service, please send us a quick email to: This is the fastest way to get our attention and we will get back to you ASAP! Our equipment technician in Ottawa will be able to repair your equipment or install new equipment, etc. as needed. 


Q: Do you still offer recycling services for coffee pods and other hard-to-recycle materials?

A: Unfortunately we no longer offer recycling for coffee pods and other materials. If you have a coffee pod bin or other recycling bin provided by GoJava, please contact to schedule a pick up of your bin or we will take back your bin the next time we do a delivery of non-shippable items to your office. 

We are still planting a tree for every order you place to keep the service as green as possible! 




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