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Hello friends,

We hope that life in this upside down world we are currently (temporarily!) living in hasn't been too hard on you. To keep it totally real, for us over at GoJava it has been a series of ups and downs as we are navigating this new business and trying to keep everything, and everyone, afloat. But we are committed to focusing on the ups (because no one likes a Debbie Downer) so we're here to bring you updates on the exciting new products we've added--we're talking WINE people!--as well as a bunch of other good stuff.  
Lower Pricing
When we launched GoJava Grocery, our first priority was to get as many offerings as possible up so that our customers could get everything they needed through us without having to leave the house. Unfortunately this meant that we didn't have the time to also source products with the best pricing options, but now that we've had a chance to breathe we've gone back to revise new products and lowered our prices as much as possible to keep things affordable, while also continuing to offer premium and local products, because our goal is to maintain the high standard of quality that GoJava has always been about. We hope this helps make your experience with us that much better! And to sweeten the deal, just a reminder to use code HOMEDELIVERY for 5% off your order. 

New Products

We've got SO MUCH GOOD STUFF ya'll! Our philosophy in launching GoJava Grocery is to offer the best of the best, with an emphasis on local produce and small businesses in order to do our part in supporting Ontario farmers and producers, as they need it now more than ever. To that end, here's a list of the companies we're working with and links to the new products in stock from them: 

In Toronto-

Tawse Winery
Woodward Meats
Cheese Boutique
La Bastille Bakery
Mad Mexican
100 KM Foods
The Spent Goods Company
Summer Fresh
Village Juicery

In Ottawa-

Nat's Bread Company
North House Foods
Fresh Start Foods

How Can You Help Us?

The gist is, we need more people to find out about us. So to that end, we would ask that you share this with your team (and anyone else it could be useful to!) We are committed to doing our part to help you all stay home and stay safe. As many of you have already noted in your feedback to us, our delivery team and warehouse staff who have been working around the clock to keep things moving are nothing short of amazing and they deserve a huge shoutout. We're grateful to them, and also to you for your continued support of us all. We would so appreciate you spreading the word to your team, friends and family to give us a try (and don't forget the discount!) If you have any questions or feedback, as always please email us at info@gojava.ca

Sending good and healthy vibes your way!
The GoJava Team

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