February 2020 Update

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Good day, eco warriors! 

We're greeting you today with a fresh newsletter with a new spin on it. In each newsletter we are going to be continuing with updates and new products, but we're also going to be highlighting amazing companies whose ethos and mandates we're excited about and think you will be, too. As you know, we're all about spreading good vibes and positivity and this is just one more way we're working on that karma. We will also be talking about a wellness tip of the month, either to introduce you to a new concept, or remind you of a habit you might have let fall by the wayside, all in the name of self-care--both at the work place and at home. So let's dive in!

Get Your Carbs On
Recently added to our ever-growing list of products available to order for your employees are offerings in the realm of frozen bagels and breads for those of you who still love a good buttered toast in the morning or a Friday pick-me-up bagel with cream cheese. Check them out on our website here! (Please note these products are currently only available to our Toronto customers).

Company Spotlight: HealthCasa
HealthCasa offers fully-managed corporate health and wellness solutions, including on-site healthcare appointments for employees, covered by their benefit plans. They also provide seminars, workshops, and more. Best of all, they do all the legwork and don't charge the employer to use their services. HealthCasa makes their client's lives easier by being the one point of contact for all things corporate health and wellness. To learn more, reach out directly to the HealthCasa team at corporate@healthcasa.com or 647-691-5150, and mention that you heard about them from us so they know to give you extra special attention!

Meditation Nation
Perhaps you already meditate, perhaps you've tried it once and decided it's too hard to focus (which is exactly what meditation is supposed to help you with...oh, the paradox!) or perhaps you've never tried it. Either way, meditation is undeniably a good thing for the body, the mind, and the spirit. Whether you're coming from a spiritual or scientific point of view, the evidence is clear that meditation can help in our daily lives by alleviating stress, anxiety, depression, and fear around specific or non-specific issues. Over at GoJava we've been encouraging our employees to meditate for even 5 minutes a day, and the feedback has been unanimous that they felt better after they meditated than they did before. If you want to give meditation a try (or a retry) and we hope that you do, there are meditation apps like Headspace and Calm that make it easy and allow you to choose the style and length that speak to you. Namaste!

Thank you for your time in reading and we hope that our new additions to the newsletter will provide you with even more value and interest going forward. 

Keep It Green!
The GoJava Team

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